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Climate management of the supply chain from planning to balance sheet

Ecological impact of the supply chain

Many companies have the goal of becoming climate-neutral in the next few years. The environmental performance of a company's own production or administration can be controlled and improved through various measures. But what about the supply chain? This is where the greatest environmental impact often occurs. If you buy components in a neighboring country with a clear conscience, you still don't know how their raw material suppliers operate. A complete carbon footprint also includes the indirect emissions that occurred before goods or services were purchased.

Analyze the holistic footprint of your suppliers

OnePlanet offers the possibility of a comprehensive assessment of their entire supply chain according to ESG criteria. For this purpose, data from a macroeconomic input-output model are used, which are processed by a recognized economic institute.

Bring your company into the future

With OnePlanet you can evaluate your entire planning for purchasing goods and services according to ESG criteria. By taking a detailed look at the ESG indicators of your supply chain, you will better assess various risks and opportunities. These include climate neutrality as well as the increase of CO2 prices or your image. Select your suppliers according to relevant environmental and social criteria. The positive results will be reflected in your ESRS reports at the latest. OnePlanet supports you in the preparation.

Red Rooster OnePlanet Technical Details

OnePlanet is a cloud-based application that is operated via a web client. The application can be integrated quite easily into any organization, is available worldwide and is highly scalable. Modern database technologies and high-performance servers enable rapid response times for enormous amounts of data.

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Feasibility Calculations

In near future you can perform sustainability indicators sample calculations for test purposes.