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Red Rooster stands for Green Economy

Sustainable supplier decision at the push of a button

We support organisations in the implementation of their sustainability goals

All member states of the United Nations have a common goal to implement the "Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development". Achieving this goal will only work if industry makes its major contribution to it. Society also expects companies to act sustainably. Ignoring them would jeopardize the reputation of a company and its brand. Consumers, customers, investors, analysts, lenders, owners - they all ask more and more intensively and precisely how companies meet the criteria of sustainable economic activity.

Sustainable supply chain management with Red Rooster OnePlanet

Corporate sustainability covers a wide area, ranging from corporate environmental protection and the consideration of employee interests to responsibility for the supply chain. We help you to check your international suppliers for sustainability and to make the right decision. With Red Rooster OnePlanet you can find out in a few seconds whether environmentally and socially friendly processes are guaranteed in the manufacture of products and components.